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SnapEdit.App AI photo editor is designed to help casual users, designers, photographers, and online entrepreneurs effortlessly create and edit photos with the assistance of AI-powered tools. At SnapEdit, you will find helpful utilities to remove background, enhance images, edit text, change sky, brighten photos, and much more – all automatically processed with just a few clicks.

Our history and achievements

SnapEdit was founded by Nam Le, the CEO of SilverAI company, and is the core product of the organization. Nam Le got a PhD in Computer Science in 2018, and previously served as a machine learning engineer at Holcim and a lecturer at Campus Sciences-U Lyon. He previously served as a lecturer at Campus Sciences-U Lyon.

Nam established SilverAI and SnapEdit in 2022 with a team of talented AI engineers, programmers, and designers. He brings over a decade of experience in artificial intelligence to the outstanding SnapEdit platform. Since its inception, SnapEdit has delivered valuable solutions to cater to your photo editing needs. We are proud to have achieved:

  • 10M+ users on our mobile app
  • 2M+ monthly users on our website.
This rapid growth is a testament to our fast-paced development. You can find out what our customers think about our product here.

Our vision and mission

Our goal is to create an all-in-one AI photo editor online that caters to all your needs, from photo retouching to AI image generation. With our photo editing tool, you can follow your passion, enhance your work, and have fun. SnapEdit envisions becoming the leading AI photo editor, harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies to empower 150 million users across countries with unparalleled tools for visual storytelling and image manipulation. Explore SnapEdit.App today! We look forward to making your pictures look their best!

Get in touch with us

Please visit the page: contact us to reach out to SnapEdit team

We look forward to making your pictures look their best!


Nam Le

Founder and CEO of SnapEdit


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