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Reduce image size up to 95% with SnapEdit image compressor. The best tool for website optimization, story management and efficient data transmission. Try it now!

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How To Compress Images With SnapEdit?

Compressing images with SnapEdit is a straightforward process involving just three simple steps:

Upload images

1Upload images

Upload your image to the SnapEdit photo compressor. Then you can add more files in the upload page.

A Must-Have Image Compression Tool

compress image for website optimization

Compress images for website speed

Compress images fast and easily for website optimization. SnapEdit photo compressor is a must-have tool for web developers and web masters to do SEO. Reduce large image size to speed up the web.

reduce image file size for data transmission

Reduce file size for fast data transmission

SnapEdit compressor offers a solution for slow connections and limited bandwidth. Image compression makes file sizes smaller, so the transmission time is faster. This streamlines the process of sending images, improving communication and saving time.

Lower pic size for storage

Lower pic size for storage management

Our image compression tool also helps manage cloud storage more effectively. By reducing the file size of images, you can free up space and reduce storage costs. This is beneficial for archiving, photo management, and handling large image libraries.

  • Significantly reduce the image size

    High-quality compression

    SnapEdit uses a lossy compress method. The goal is to remove data that's less noticeable to the human eye. This results in much higher compression ratios than the lossless method, while guaranteeing the quality of the image.

  • Accept common image formats

    Image formats

    Our image compressor accepts PNG, JPEG and JPG files. You can upload up to 50 images at once to reduce the size.

  • safe to compress images

    Safety guaranteed

    Instead of processing on the server, we handle image compression on the client-side. As a result, the compression outcome is very fast, safe for the users, and the images are not stored on the SnapEdit side.

  • easy to use

    Easy to use and free

    Our picture compressor is easy and free to use. The interface is user-friendly. The process is simplified. You can use the tool online on any device with guided steps above.

FAQs about SnapEdit image compression

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