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Remove people, remove objects from photo faster with AI technology

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How to Edit Photo?

There are only 4 simple steps to remove object from photo, clean up picture, and create beautiful images like a professional photographer.

Upload picture to clean up

1Upload picture to clean up

Upload or Drag and drop images into the "Upload Photo" Frame to start editing with SnapEdit.App - the free photo editor.

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Faster & better quality with powerful AI technology

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Objects removal in the photo

With a few simple taps, you'll remove unwanted objects/people and get clear, beautiful photos, just like what you wanted.

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Remove tourists from travel photos

Frustrated by nasty tourists stalking back and forth and ruining the best photos, pick and drop them off with SnapEdit AI

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Watermark remover, remove text

Remove watermarks, erase logos, texts or icons easily by tapping on them or erasing with a pen.

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    Eliminate acne, wrinkles on the Face

    A photo when you have red pimples on your face, wrinkles, remove skin defects.

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    Fix old photos

    Remove scratches, spots and tears on old photos, Just select the problem areas on the image.

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    Free and easy to use

    SnapEdit is a completely free online AI photo editing product. Easy to use, edit your photos in a snap. Be enjoy

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    Support both web and mobile app

    Use SnapEdit on your browser or your smartphone to edit image everywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SnapEdit.App is a visual AI platform that leverages AI technology to help automatically remove objects/people from images; retouch, enhance, colorize, correct, cartoonize, and animate photos without using Photoshop or other photo editing tools in a snap.
  • Upload your Image => Choose the desired function (After our automated AI program detects) => Choose Object remover & Edit images to your liking => Download & Enjoy it!
  • Text remover from image, remove watermark from image? Upload your picture => Choose Erase function => Highlight the watermark, text, logo that you want to delete => Results will be available in just a snap!
  • Currently, SnapEdit is completely FREE, allows you to use photos of any resolution/size, allows downloading in HD. It will cost you a lot of money if you use similar products like The inpaint, Cleanup Pictures,...
  • SnapEdit supports most web browsers today: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari,... You can edit photos easily on any browser, on any operation system (Android, iOS)
  • We support the most popular image formats available today: JPG, PNG, JPEG,... and allow users to download in HD with JPG.
  • Don't be surprised because SnapEdit is the only site that allows you to use UNLIMITED SIZE and ABSOLUTELY FREE image editing - What The Inpaint, Cleanup Pictures, etc. or any other software don't provide.
  • SnapEdit is a fully automated AI photo editor that acts only as an intermediary so we do not store any copies of your images (before and after editing). So you can safely and quickly use SnapEdit anonymously.

Remove object faster & better with powerful AI technology

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