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Grey and gloomy skies are ruining your photos ? Replace them in seconds with AI

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How to replace sky in photos with SnapEdit?

SnapEdit’s sky replacement AI is one of our newest features introduced in 2023. With it, users can easily upload any photos and specifically change the colors, feels, and gradients of the sky background.

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The Best Alternative to Photoshop for Sky Replacement

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Say Goodbye to Grey Skies

Gray skies are the bane of any worthwhile photos. Make them go away in one-click!

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Change & Match Sky with Photo

While choosing each option, SnapEdit will automatically adjust your photo's overall color to smooth out all the edges. Creating a professional, usable image with AI editing photo.

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Enhanced Creativity

Whether it’s a simple Instagram post, or a real-estate housing promo picture. We’ve got you covered.

  • Sky Replacement with AI saves time

    Time Saver

    Save all those hours messing around in Photoshop. Create your own look in minutes.

  • Improve overall picture quality with a new sky

    Improve Picture Quality

    We automatically enhance the image to fit with the new sky background. Sharpening and matching details, colors to give the best final result.

  • Easy to use sky editing tool

    Easy to Use

    No more elaborate steps & button presses. Only a few steps separate you and your best photos.

  • Works on all devices commonly use

    All Devices Compatible

    Our Sky Editor works on all devices from iOS, Android mobiles to PC.

FAQ about Sky Photoshop Tool

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