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How to add shadow to image with AI?

Short guide to using Easy Shadow to add and edit shadow, drop shadow

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Cast the perfect shadow for your photos - AI Easy Shadow

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Bring subjects to life with drop shadow effect

Easy Shadow AI helps bypass the tedious manual work. We utilize AI to automatically enhance your photos with realistic, depth-inducing shadow effects that work!

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Activate product photos with AI shadow maker

For shop owners, shadow can convey a sense of realism that makes your product stand out over myriad alternatives. Separate your product from the image background in just a few seconds.

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Forge emotional narrative with shadow edits

Adding shadow to pictures of people or objects can help audiences relate with your message and your brand vision easier.

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    Powerful shadow editor for all

    SnapEdit offers users various shadow effect customization options. You can change the directions of the artificial lighting, or even the level of opacity or length. SnapEdit also offers various helpful AI editing features such as background removal or photo enhancer - which you can utilize to improve or edit photos to your preferences.

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    Realistic & accurate background shadow

    Forget the hours in Photoshop looking to create the perfect shadow effect. SnapEdit’ shadow editing features can quickly do it for you in just a few seconds. Trained on millions of photos, our algorithm knows where and how to draw a shadow that can immediately elevate your pictures.

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    Intuitive & Fast

    Easy Shadow is designed to be used by users of all technical proficiency. Even your parents can use our AI drop shadow maker to freely add and edit shadows.

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    Edit shadows on all common devices

    Easy Shadow works on your web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari compatible). You can also uses shadow generator feature on our iOS & Android mobile applications.

FAQs about Easy Shadow AI

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