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How to Remove Background from Image with SnapEdit?

SnapEdit' AI powered background remover tool allows users to easily delete background of images online in HD quality. In order to start, go to website and click Remove Background feature and...

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Remove background faster and better with AI technology

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AI removes background accurately and smoothly

Having been trained on millions of photos, the AI bg remover of SnapEdit can detect and delete background from the most sophisticated images with hair and fur, leaving a clean edge and a perfect cutout.

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Easy for users to remove bg online

SnapEdit photo background remover is user-friendly and compatible with any smartphone (iOS, Android) or laptop (Windows, Mac). Now even less tech-savvy users can remove background online thanks to the automatic object detection and background removal process.

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Make images transparent and edit bg to your needs

Make background transparent and replace it with another one from our ever-growing library of 1500+ templates or upload your own pic. Product pictures, offers, and sale-off events become more attractive on social media through various photo editing background options.

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    Time Savings

    You will save a significant amount of time manually editing the image background. No more lasso-ing in Photoshop!

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    Cost Savings

    Outsourcing image editing to a professional can be expensive, especially if you have a large number of images to edit. Snapedit is a cost-effective solution for removing background image yourself without professionals.

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    Advanced features

    After clearing background, SnapEdit allows further retouching of images with other advanced features like photo enhancer, auto brightening images, object removal, and more. That's what makes our background eraser stand out from the crowd.

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    Support various formats

    SnapEdit allows uploading JPG, PNG, and JPEG photos to erase background and downloading in PNG files. HD-quality download is also supported.

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